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Ron Giesecke

September 13, 2017

Email me. Or call me. Or something.

susan tauzer

July 6, 2017


Elizabeth pike

April 12, 2017

Hey There for the site if you would like but are you still interested in recording show. Not far away time wise. Heard community college has a course for broadcasting perhaps the students would like to assist and they would possibly have some equipment. Otherwise phone line option still available. I shamelessly lol recorded parts of your original work and sent it to the "powers that be" They like it. A lot Allen. Let me know how you feel and we can go from there. Would be a HooooT. I'm OCD toooo lmao πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

Posted the Madness of Ophelia on Show page ~ Facebook. Fabulous!

Catch ya 4 2 0 😜

Will Divine

April 10, 2017

Hey Allen, good stuff here, would like to hear your vocals more in your/the mix(s) tho. Sounds like you worked your ass off on these songs, great job! Love the creativity, hear a lot of water in your chart.

Didn't know you painted, and with a rattle can no less!? I was good friends with Jean Michel Basquiat in the early 80's, did some paintings with him on Maui in 83'.


Michael Helms

July 5, 2016

Wow. Found your music browsing the local Craigslist ads. You might want to add Smokey Robinson your the list of comparable artists (or influences). "The Madness Of Ophelia" seems especially striking to me. The clarity of the gorgeous nylon acoustic fooled meβ€”it sounds like a harp at times. Killer vibrato and (I'm assuming) fingerstyle right hand. Pristine recording. Compelling tune. Your falsetto sounds very smooth, full voice vocals too.

Art Davenport

February 3, 2016

Nice Site Allen! Way Cool Man!!


January 31, 2016

bonjour.......just saw your post on CL's big island musicians...i'm sensing we have much in common......thoroughly enjoyed listening to "I made it go away".....seal has been one of my favorites for a few decades now, as has been george michaels (solo) and coldplay......wanted to phone u but couldn't locate a number on any of your sites...... the honor therefore is yours....dean...415-680-4789.....kamuela peace and blessings bra...............

John LaGasse

January 5, 2016

Hi Allen, too bad we're miles apart (Medford OR), I'd love to collaborate with ya on some tunes...or a band. But I still come back to your site to listen to some of your great tracks.
Here are some of my songs if you feel like checking them out.
Take care and keep up the creativity, John LaGasse


March 20, 2015

Hey you....Happy to see you still playing your awesome music. Hope you're doing well.


March 12, 2015

I make overlays for music videos. I can film too.

Do yours for free if I can use it in my portfolio.

- Michael Downs

Josh Lucas

October 23, 2014

Hi Allen,

I saw your ad on craigslist about wanting to play bass in a band. My brother Matt and I are in an established Indie/Rock band called Vandfald and we released our debut album last year. We just got down recording a new EP and plan to release it sometime in the beginning of next year. However, we live in Albany so it would be quite a drive. But if you're interested, you can check us out at:


Jane Patrick

October 17, 2014

Hi AIlen, I know Kimberly from Clark and I've met you a time or two. Wow is all I can say and I'd like to see how you do this. I'll bet you are inundated with correspondence after the news article, but let me know when I can walk by and check out your art.
Jane Patrick

frank hoetker

October 13, 2014

Love your beautiful mural work! Inquiry about collaborating on a mural for Daybreak Youth Services (Inpatient/Outpatient services for at-risk youth) in Vancouver.

Government Official (Black Ops)

September 24, 2013

We have disappeared you from the face of the earth.

Dann McCormack

June 26, 2013

Your music is absolutely captivating and I'm so glad I heard it. Definitely look forward to hearing more. I'm also a multi instrumentalist although primarily a bassist. Thanks for sharing your gift...

Dann McCormack

The Mad Jewess (AsheDina)

January 26, 2013

I like your voice. You came and commented on that Gene Rosen dude.
You remind me of Kenny Loggins.
Take care.

Don Jacobson

December 5, 2012

Met you yesterday at Ron's motorcycle repair shop. Was really fun & worthwhile chatting. I could almost hear the Moody blues song in teh background: Tuesday Afternoon.

Enjoy this website, hope to see you perform at the Hilton this New Year's Eve.

Shine on!

Don Jacobson

Bret Shepard

November 20, 2012

hey Buddy, Long time no hear, glad I found you, your Music is still Great! im In Alaska 11 years now. hit me back Bro! take care, Bret

Roger Dougherty

June 15, 2012

Wow man you blow me away. I am a musician in Virginia and the guys i play with are all Iron Maiden. I love Iron Maiden but i love Kate Bush as well. The stuff i write comes out all Joni Mitchell but they put a bit of an edge to it. I found out about you under a Zero 7 clip on you tube. Boy am i glad i followed up! Your music is its own world i love that. It twist and turns but remains in its unique atmosphere. Zappa taught me to appreciate the unexpected. I don't always know where you are taking me , exciting and dangerous. MOAM is Curtis Mayfield late 60's innercity kind of vibe that is so vivid . This is perfect music , it is a soundtrack . Ok i have to go listen some more now before work. You asked who i was and i thought it would be cool to respond to someone who is about to be famous. peace roger

Gary Ensminger

May 6, 2012

Very nice, well done :) Gary


March 9, 2012

Very refreshing! Keep creating the good music.

Steve Hebb

January 27, 2012



December 28, 2011

nice and amazing!... make sure i get a CD when you come to visit

Woody foster

December 24, 2011

What's up cousin? You're the most talented out of all the relatives. Always have been.

Jennifer R.

December 23, 2011

Love the new site look and the new songs!! Happy Holidays.

William Houston

November 25, 2011

Saw your ad on craigslist for a keyboard player. Like your stuff! I'm a really good/experienced keyboardist/composer. I've got streaming music available on my site


November 23, 2011

Hey just thought I would drop you a quick line...dont let the negative feedback from certain sites get you down!!..In my book all press is good press....I happen to think your music/material is good,and has a nice originality to it...wish you the best,and dont stop chasein the dream...


November 17, 2011

I bought your last CD. Wow, was I amazed!!! You guys are super good!!

Aly's Gramma

October 25, 2011

Thought your business card on my ledge was a recruitment for some weird group....really enjoy the style of music your band has. Netflix, Kink101.9 and great coffee are some of few things our family enjoys.


September 10, 2011

Nice sound little bro!

Jeremy B

February 16, 2011

nice shit, mr. allen, alan, aellaen, al-in... (same shit right?) ;-)

but for real, sorry it took a week for me to get over to your page. nice work. best of luck to you guy, and let's keep chatting on youtube. see you thursday!


October 21, 2010

i like the changes....very cool


April 7, 2010

Whooda man?? Youda man!

Karyn Cortani

March 13, 2010

Nice, Mr. Beast...Don't forget me when you're a star!

Paul Goodrich

March 11, 2010

Ciao Alan! Back from Italia and I'll most definitely get the word out for you! Have courage my friend your path is a bright one! Peace,


Ron Giesecke

March 10, 2010

Yo man! The stuff is sounding great!


December 10, 2009

I met you at the great Hall's open mic this last Wednesday. The music sounds good! I can't find your email on this site at all though...
Hope to hear from ya! Keep up the good work!

Bill Gardner

November 26, 2009

Hey Alan it's Bill I am once again amazed at what aperes to be your never ending talent . I am to am a lover of music from around the globe . If you asked what my favorite is , Well I'd have to say that depends on my mood .. Good to hear from you again .


November 22, 2009

Great Sound! i am inpressed


October 29, 2009

you remind me of my own original old band, Jacktown.... would love to jam with you! female vocs.. ALWAYS compared to Janice!!!

also... i book for a SE PDX club... would love to get you in there... it would go over well...


October 25, 2009

i love your style im a drummer. like to see more